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Things You Didn't Know Your Pharmacist Could Do

When you think about your pharmacist, you likely envision someone behind the counter diligently filling prescriptions. However, pharmacists today are stepping into new roles and offering services that may surprise you. Let's delve into some of these lesser-known responsibilities that pharmacists, particularly those at Super V Drugs right here in Jonesboro, are now embracing.

Empowering Women’s Access to Oral Contraceptives

Arkansas is one of the 29 (and counting) states that allow pharmacists to prescribe oral birth control to women over the age of 18 without a physician’s visit. Pharmacists, like the ones at Super V Drugs, are trained to assess patients and determine an appropriate and safe oral contraceptive for each individual patient. Whether they are new to oral contraceptives or it’s months before they are seen by their OBGYN, patients can conveniently schedule a quick consultation with a pharmacist at Super V Drugs and receive a prescription in minutes. 

Comprehensive Testing Services

Gone are the days of solely relying on visits to urgent or primary care to be tested and treated for common illnesses like Flu and Strep. Arkansas pharmacists are trained to assess and administer tests for Flu, Strep and Covid-19. Many pharmacies, including Super V Drugs, allow patients to stay in the comfort of their own vehicle during the assessment and testing. In the case of a positive result for Flu or Strep, pharmacists are equipped to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic or antiviral while considering each patient’s health history. Moreover, preventative medications like Tamiflu or Xofluza may be prescribed for those that come in close contact with a patient that has tested positive. 

Navigating Medicare Part D

Understanding the complexities of Medicare Part D insurance plans can be daunting. At Super V Drugs, pharmacists offer their expertise in determining the best prescription plan based on individual needs. With the help of drug experts evaluating copays and premiums, patients can rest easy knowing they are making informed decisions about their Medicare Part D coverage. Best of all, this invaluable service comes at no cost at Super V Drugs. Underscoring Super V's commitment to supporting their community's health and well-being.

Free Vaccine Consultations

In addition to these vital services, Super V Drugs offers free vaccine consultations for patients who are unsure which vaccines they need or want to be caught up on the latest recommendations. From Flu and Covid-19 to Shingles and Hepatitis A/B, Super V Drugs offers a multitude of vaccines available for walk-in service. By offering this convenient and accessible service, Super V continues to prioritize preventive care in the Jonesboro community.

The roles of pharmacists extend far beyond merely dispensing medications. Through their innovative services paired with their expertise, pharmacists like the ones at Super V Drugs are empowering their communities to lead healthier lives. The next time you visit your local pharmacy, remember to utilize the wealth of knowledge and resources that your pharmacist has to offer!

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